Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Calculate the Median of Exponential Distribution

How to Calculate the Median of Exponential Distribution The median of a set of data is the midway point wherein exactly half of the data values are less than or equal to the median. In a similar way, we can think about the median of a continuous probability distribution, but rather than finding the middle value in a set of data, we find the middle of the distribution in a different way. The total area under a probability density function is 1, representing 100%, and as a result,  half of this can be represented by one-half or 50 percent. One of the big ideas of mathematical statistics is that probability is represented by the area under the curve of the density function, which is calculated by an integral, and thus the median of a continuous distribution is the point on the real number line where exactly half of the area lies to the left. This can be more succinctly stated by the following improper integral. The median of the continuous random variable X with density function f( x) is the value M such that: ï » ¿0.5∠«m−∞f(x)dx0.5\int_{m}^{-\infty}f(x)dx0.5∠«m−∞​f(x)dxï » ¿ Median for Exponential Distribution We now calculate the median for the exponential distribution Exp(A). A random variable with this distribution has density function f(x) e-x/A/A for x any nonnegative real number. The function also contains the mathematical constant e, approximately equal to 2.71828. Since the probability density function is zero for any negative value of x, all that we must do is integrate the following and solve for M: 0.5 ∠«0M f(x) dx Since the integral ∠« e-x/A/A dx -e-x/A, the result is that 0.5 -e-M/A 1 This means that 0.5 e-M/A and after taking the natural logarithm of both sides of the equation, we have: ln(1/2) -M/A Since 1/2 2-1, by properties of logarithms we write: - ln2 -M/A Multiplying both sides by A gives us the result that the median M A ln2. Median-Mean Inequality in Statistics   One consequence of this result should be mentioned: the mean of the exponential distribution Exp(A) is A, and since ln2 is less than 1, it follows that the product Aln2 is less than A. This means that the median of the exponential distribution is less than the mean. This makes sense if we think about the graph of the probability density function. Due to the long tail, this distribution is skewed to the right. Many times when a distribution is skewed to the right, the mean is to the right of the median. What this means in terms of statistical analysis is that we can oftentimes predict that the mean and median do not directly correlate given the probability that data is skewed to the right, which can be expressed as the median-mean inequality proof known as Chebyshevs inequality. As an example, consider a data set that posits that a person receives a total of 30 visitors in 10 hours, where the mean wait time for a visitor is 20 minutes, while the set of data may present that the median wait time would be somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes if over half of those visitors came in the first five hours.

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PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint is one excellent program for making presentations. PowerPoint allows the user to create a slide show presentation. What is PowerPoint? Conveying ideas with others is critical to many industries. From academia to the business world, people should be able to present their thoughts. PowerPoint is one excellent program for making presentations. PowerPoint allows the user to create a slide show presentation. These presentations can include visuals and key details about your topic. A good PowerPoint presentation can help in several industries. WHY IS IT BETTER TO BUY A POWERPOINT? PowerPoint Basics PowerPoint presentations are important, but they need to be good. A low-quality presentation can bore people, and even damage your reputation. Creating a quality PowerPoint presentation is not as easy as it looks. Good PowerPoint presentations have several important features. An excellent presentation should be built for your time limits. You do not want your presentation to run too long, or to end too early. You also want to include relevant facts and figures that people cannot get from your speech. Finally, you will need to understand the material in your presentation. If you do not know what you are talking about, then a great presentation will not help you. Tips on Building an Effective Presentation You now understand the basics of a power point presentation, but you may wonder how to make your presentations more effective. There are many tips for making an effective power point presentation, but there are some key tips for building a better presentation. TIP 1.  Make sure you mastered the basics. Include key facts, figures, images, and stay on topic throughout. TIP 2. Once you have mastered these steps, you should also write a small script for the presentation. Knowing what you want to say is crucial. You will look focused and knowledgeable if you simply write a script. You should stick to bullet points throughout the presentation. Paragraphs are difficult to read from a distance, so using short bullet points will get your point across with ease. TIP 3.  If you want your presentation to be effective, then you must pay attention to design. Your text should show up, and your design should not distract the reader. If you want your power point to be effective, then pay attention to how your power point looks.  The key points are: Timing Design Short paragraphs Nice script How to Give a Good PowerPoint Presentation Building an effective PowerPoint is crucial, but there are some secret tips that will boost your PowerPoint performance. If you are looking to improve your PowerPoints, then you should focus on your performance. A great PowerPoint is pointless if you are not good at presenting it. When presenting your PowerPoint, be sure to arrive early. ThiIf you need help with making a PowerPoint, then you should not hesitate to hire a company to build your PowerPoint. They know great tips on creating a good one!s allows you to check the computer set-up. Nothing is more embarrassing than starting your presentation and realizing that the PowerPoint will not load. Ideally, you would practice your presentation beforehand. Going over the most important points and practicing speaking will make presentation day simple. If you fail to practice, then you will be nervous on presentation day. During your PowerPoint presentation, you should speak with a clear voice and make eye contact with people throughout the audience. Speaking clearly ensures that audience members will hear your message and understand it. Making eye contact with each audience member helps you build a personal connection that will encourage people to focus on your message. Stay focused throughout and you will do a great job. Another important tip is to get any excess energy out before your presentation. You do not want to fidget throughout the presentation because your audience will zone out. You should be able to move on stage, but the movements should be clean and crisp. Stay calm and if you hit a small mistake, be sure just to laugh it off and continue your presentation. You need to remain cool, calm, and collected throughout the presentation. A cool presenter can stay on topic and engage with the audience in a profound manner. These PowerPoint presentation tips will take your presenting skills to the next level. Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation There are numerous benefits of creating your own PowerPoint presentation, but you may find that you do not have time to create your presentation. Numerous companies create PowerPoints for people and businesses. These businesses offer several key benefits for those that want to give a great presentation. They are experts at design, they will fully research the subject, and they will avoid common mistakes. You should definitely consider a PowerPoint presentation creation company. BENEFIT 1 Getting the best presentation requires the best sources. Companies that specialize in creating PowerPoints are committed to excellent research (see  A Guideline on Conducting a Research). These companies will bring in the great sources necessary to take your presentation to the next level. They will check the latest journals and publications so you will give an expert presentation. You need a well-researched PowerPoint to get the greatest impact, by hiring a PowerPoint presentation company you ensure that you have a top notch presentation. BENEFIT 2 One more reason to consider a PowerPoint presentation company is avoiding key mistakes. When you are presenting, you are completely exposed. One mistake can push your nerves over the edge, forcing you to make incredible mistakes. Your audience will lose interest or think that you don’t know what you are talking about. PowerPoint creation companies hire expert editors to protect your reputation. They will comb over your presentation for errors. They will address all grammatical errors while also checking for any possible design errors. A PowerPoint design company will protect you from embarrassing mistakes that could cripple your presentation. BENEFIT 3 PowerPoint presentations are an ideal way to convey ideas to an audience. When building a PowerPoint, you must pay careful attention to the quality of your design. Be sure to practice your presentation regularly, so that you can perfect your presentation. Speak with confidence throughout the presentation and you are sure to do well. If you need help building a PowerPoint, then you should not hesitate to hire a company to build your PowerPoint. They know the right tricks for building the most compelling PowerPoint presentations. Get the best PowerPoint presentations and your audience will be astounded. TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY: THAT IS THE QUESTION In addition to developing award-winning PowerPoint slides, we also offer expert services that reinforce and complement your marketing hard work. Be it addressing a conference, developing a sales presentation or seeking investment, we are well equipped in developing more than just a PowerPoint slideshow for you – we will get you the best tool to communicate your message. If you are ready to boost the efficiency of your paper, visit our order page now and feel free to place your order.