Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Class Prophecy

CLASS PROPHECY Its already 1030 in the morning, I must hurry or else I depart be late for my next flight. I suddenly exclaimed as I look at my watch to check the time. It was the last day of my trip present in Seoul, a getaway from the pressures of being a neurosurgeon. I immediately left the hotel to get my car and drive myself to the airport. While I am face out the window of my car, the big screens in the busy streets caught my attention featuring the fashion and showbiz industry.Speaking of fashion, Angelica Somoray, a supermodel, is now a well-known K-Pop per creator who is soon to be married. Desiree Micairan, an accountant, owns a workshop for dancing, singing and acting. Elaina Lara is currently working in her newest romantic movie with the most sought after leading man, Mike Joshua Luchana, who is hailed as the instrument of the Decade. These three girls, Angelica, Desiree, and Elaina are also International Dance Icons who replaced the Pussycat Dolls. As I arrive in th e airport.I never expected that I would run into my former classmate, Celina Burlat dressed with a uniform that has the logo of a U. S Airline. She is now a flight stewardess taking the same trip to France where she and her family migrated. While delay for departure, Celina handed me a magazine that features Mr. Vhan Gonzales, and Mr. Alexis Virgel Aladad who are successful business tycoons. After some time, the pilot announces that we are almost ready to depart. Such voice seems so familiar to me.So that when the stewardess announces the names of the pilots, I was really sure that the pilot of the plane which I was boarding is our former classmate, Jay Roll Solon, and his assistant, Jason Baterbonia. So when the plane come in the airport, I did not waste time to meet the pilots. When we were standing face to face each otherwise, I could hardly believe to see the pilots such(prenominal) handsome & self-assured persons in their pilot uniforms. They invited me to a flashy lounge in the airport. We were so excited to meet again and we talked about our present lives as well as reminisce our high school experiences.I ask about our former classmates and immediately, Jay Roll, having met many of them to different parts of the humankind, told me about their success and their whereabouts. John Riel Deiparine and Daniel cutting edge Manaez who are both famous classical musicians, are currently in a world concert tour. John Riel was named as the Mozart of the 21st century. Daniel, on the other hand, is named as The Great Soprano. Runette Marie Diaz, the writer of the best cooking magazine in the world, owns 52 branches of her Spanish Restaurant.Oscar Awardee, Nicole Manuawan was declared as one of the richest people in the world by Forbes Magazine. The Chicago Bulls sharp shooter Kevin Cortez who replaced Derrick Rose led his team on a championship game against the big-three of Miami Heat who were Randy Gumapac, Ryan Lara, and Clark Lauron. They are hardly a(pren ominal) of the Filipino Athletes in the NBA League. May Roselle Joyce Ang, owns one of the most prestigious commercial banks in the world. Marjewrie Gallego, a lawyer in profession, is elected as jurist in the International Criminal Court.John Dorryl Payumo works as a manager at the Microsoft Company. He is one of the founders of the latest social networking site. John Aleth Bocal, who is a clinical pharmacist, owns the famous Aleths Pharmacy. After bind with the pilots, I got into my car and drive to the nearest hotel to stay in. The next morning, I started the day with a prayer. I morose on the television and again, I saw Bea Ayuban on her daily news segment, Good Morning Bea with her co-host who is apparently his husband, Tombelle Lara. Tombelle is one of the members of the famous Altima Band.The lead vocalist, Julian Caderao, is on a vacation trip with her fiance. After the segment, I turned the TV off. All of a sudden, my phone began to ring. It was Engineer Kristine Joy Alco rdo inviting me to visit her home. It was already nefariousness when I reached her home. My friends, Engineer Leo Abunda and Architect Xena Gonzales were also there. They told me about the constructions they have been through. Kristine, Leo, and Xena are the men behind those great buildings around the world. The night was fun bonding with them. Not until the neighboring house began to explode on fire.I quickly opened my eyes and realized that I was further dreaming as my classmates laugh because I was taking a nap in our Economics class under Sir Jefferson Guinang. But for me, it is not only a dream. It is a dream that needs fulfillment. If only we persevere, study hard, and pray, nothing would be impossible to be reached. This prophecy serves as a challenge among the Seniors. May we all achieve these realms. Thank you and God conjure Us All. Written by downbeatdynamo. tumblr. com Written for IV EMERALDS BATCH 2011-2012

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