Sunday, May 19, 2019

tories, fairytales and myths

Stories, fairytales and myths that were created thousand years ago ar relevant straight off. These folklores have provided the basis for whatsoever cultures and in close to cultures is a way of life. Stories and fairytales are relevant forthwith, because they often have hidden meanings, which are often eons employ as examples in everyday life.Take for instance the apologue of the Tortoise and the Hare, this invoice shows that creation big and strong does not help you to win, but using your wits and your brain is what helps you to overcome current things. It also teaches us today, that slow and steady won the race and it never pays to be in a hurry and brag about how good you are.The story of Cinderella is relevant to todays society as, you cool it have a lot of Cinderallas around. Especially the part about the wicked stepmother and how her siblings treated her. This story of Cinderella is all too real within our present day society, and it is up to us to rescue the Cinder allas of our time.Greek mythologies are very important and relevant to todays society. From the story of Pandora we have the concept of graceful evil, which is still prevalent in our society. Pandora was the image of a perfect, delightful woman, she was created to please the eye and deceive mankind.This humor of a beautiful evil is still present in todays society. In the mass media viewers are endlessly bombarded with images of beautiful women in sexual roles and evil roles.Women are often portrayed as gifts to men and consequently become detrimental to them. This good girl gone bad image has its roots in Pandoras myth. Pandora was a perfect, beautiful woman when Epimetheus took her as his wife. But Pandora was a forgetful too curious. Her weakness and inferior mind conduct her to open the container and release all of the evils onto mankind.Stories today form the basis of many cultures, as stories in some cultures are handed down from generation to generation, to teach life l essons and illustrate the folly of mankind. Often times stories are used as references and examples, when disciplining a troublesome child or are used as a way to inform a someone of the consequences of their actions. An example of this is the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. This little boy cried wolf so many times that he was not believed when the wolf actually came and took the sheep.This serves as a lesson to would be liars, children and even adults who like to play pranks. The moral of the story is that, sometimes when you lie or make things up a lot, it is very hard for anyone to believe you. In the end the young boy learned his lesson.Some people argue that stories, fairytales and myths are rubbish and have no relevance in todays society, but in my opinion, they do give relevance to the meaning of life, and what it is to love and hold. You can live and not be happy. Fairytales especially, the ones like Cinderella make you believe in happy endings. Happy endings still embod y today, regardless of what people think.The story of Hansel and Gretel has a moral to it, that appearances are deceiving. This is very true in todays society. Appearances among people are very deceiving and often times, you get trapped by the very person that seems to want to help you, only to destroy or try to destroy you in the end.To me the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel declare of caution and cautions people to beware of who they are around. I also think that Hansel and Gretel is a great story for teaching children not to trust strangers and to be aware of the people they are around. In conclusion, stories, fairytales, and myths are only if as relevant a today as they were thousands of years ago.Works CitedTyree, R. (1998). Pandora. Retrieved April 15, 2008, from http//

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