Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Computers Essay Example for Free

Computers EssayBooks will never be completely replaced by computers. Computers can crash, and alone information will be lost. If the power goes out in your house, you cant read on your computer, and you can pick up a book. What you read on a comp. is just light or something on a screen. A book is is a permentent physical printing. If computers replaced books, wed all have serious eye problems. The joy of reading would be lost. Id hate to have to depend on a machine for my relaxing reading time. Books be forever, computers are until it breaks down, and everything will be lost. Books can be taken care of, as can computers, but there are books that are a blow years old, I havent heard of anyone with the same computer for even 10 yrs.see moreessay on computerI guess comps are getting new and better, but books are still better to read. However, on the up side for comps, 1 comp, can store probebly over a atomic number 6 books, sort of like an i pod. But if the 1 comp breaks, tha t a hundred books too. Computers are sound, and should store that kind of stuff, but I dont think it should completly replace the book. That would very suck. You cant haul your computer everywhere you go, like the bus, waiting rooms, the lunchroom, bed, etc. Too large, awkward and unwieldy. Even laptop computers.You cant just throw a laptop in your purse. I take books with me everywhere I go so I have something to kill the time with when Im waiting. I read everyday on my lunch hour. I read before I go to bed. Sitting in front of a coputer to read makes my eyes, butt and back hurt, because you have to amaze up to do it and the computer screen is too bright. Plus, books dont need batteries.I think its okay for kids in school, and Im sure that there are other instances, but I highly doubt that books will ever become obsolete.f a book from reading an actual book instead of a screen. . Finding good novels or non-fiction would be more difficult because of the volume of all kinds and qualities of same.A computer, even a notebook, will never replace a pocket-sized paperbacked you can stick in a purse and read anywhere. Books dont need batteries, service, defragging or any of those things.Like many aspiring authors, Im excited by the possibilities comprise by on-line publishing, but I have some serious reservations about what could happen if there is an unchecked volume of materials placed out there.Also, accumulate royalties could make writing for profit even more of a challenge than it is today.Intro Science has made4 mch developments during the recent decades. It has developed many gadgets for our comfort but in my opinion they cn never replace the traditional things and ways. One of the greatest invention of technology and sciences is computer

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