Sunday, June 9, 2019

Homeland Security - Preparedness and Prevention Assignment

Homeland Security - Preparedness and Prevention - Assignment Examplecause, indeed, with all the high-tech security measures being undertaken by magnificently high-financed chemical plants or laboratories, no one or no group would even attempt to get inside and forcefully steal chemicals vital to national security. Some films power have inadvertently suggested to criminal elements how to penetrate chemical plants, but thankfully, ideas were also alluded to with regards to potential security threats and vulnerabilities to crime such as terrorism, and at the same time, the trenchant security and protection measures that should be importantly undertaken.Hence, unquestionably, the National Institute of Justice, in collaboration with the Department of Justice components, the Office of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the Environmental security department Agency, the Department of Transportation, numerous organizations, and private citizens, had been conscientious enough as to suggest the development of the Vulnerability Assessment Methodology.The prototype Vulnerability Assessment Model (VAM) positive is a systematic, risk-based approach in which risk is a function of the severity of consequences of an undesired event, the likelihood of adversary attack, and the likelihood of adversary success in make the undesired event (Ashcroft, et al, 2002).On September, 2009, the Department of Environment Protection was lauded by the community of Clifton, New Jersey, for having cleaned up the facility left by Abrachem Group, who were involved in repackaging chemicals but did not level up with the pre-requisites necessary when operating a chemical facility in the United States. Lives of the people of New Jersey were in jeopardy, when Abrachem Group had leaking drums, that contained toxic chemicals, such as naphthalene, sodamide, peroxide, and nitric acid. The company abandoned 1,600 unlabeled, mislabeled and mishandled rusted drums filled with chemicals, some posi ng a threat to the purlieu and to the people of Clifton

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