Thursday, June 13, 2019

Homework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Homework - Essay ExampleFor example an advertisement made in contrast of black and white may be fondness catching and affects perceptual selection. Expectations Consumers expectations also affect how things are perceived by consumer. Consumers generally actualize what they expect to see. A person expecting to see some particular shop in a shopping mall will soon find out one than the one in no expectation to see that shop. Motives Perceptual selection is also influenced by consumers motives at that time, consumers current needs and desires affect the input selection for perception. A consumer planning to have a vacation will be to a greater extent open to resorts advertisements, airlines deals and hotels offers. These are the two major factors that affect selection of perceptual stimuli. FACTORS affecting NATURE OF PERCETION Exposure Attention Interpretation Exposure Exposure highlights the stimulus to which a consumer is exposed to. Exposure can be either deliberate or random. S elective exposure is deliberate, it happens when consumers seek out for messages that are pleasant and avoid the ones that are painful. Attention Attention explains out of all exposed stimulus, on which stimulus does the consumer pay concentration on. The attention paid by the consumer can be categorized as either of high involvement or of low involvement. The close to which a consumer pay attention to particular stimulus is affected by a consumers needs interests and motives at that time. A person who is price conscious may pay attention to saver deals advertisements and on discount offers. Interpretation Interpretation defines the assignment of meaning to sensations. Interpretation of stimuli is also uniquely individual process. It is contrastive for every person as each person perceives and interprets stimuli differently and uniquely. Attention Attention occurs when any stimulus is able to activate one or more sensory receptor nerves, and the sensation produced as a result of it, goes to the brain for further processing. Attention requires consumers to allocate limited mental processing towards information processing. in that location are multiple stimulus and situational factors that affect on which stimuli consumers pay attention to. Stimulus factors Stimulus factors mostly overwhelm physical characteristics and nature of stimulus. Size and effectiveness any stimulus that is huge or giant in size will automatically catch attention of a person. Intensity may include the length, brightness or loudness of the stimulus. Color and Movement the more colorful a stimulus is, the greater it has the chances to catch an individuals attention. In growth to being colorful, if stimulus is mobile rather than stagnant, it has greater probability of suck uping individuals attention. A bright colored package is more likely to attract attention. Position placement of the object in a persons visual field. Mostly stimuli placed at prime location, or at eye level or somewhere that is much unexpected for an individual to expect that stimulus to be. The greater it will attract the attention. Isolation

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