Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quality and Performance Excellence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Quality and Performance Excellence - Essay ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that Baldrige focuses on the death penalty excellence for all aspects of an organization in an overall management framework. Six Sigma deals with the internal quality with an aim of improving the standards and reducing the costs. Overall, they are all like since they deal with quality improvement in the workplace.ISO 9000, on the other hand, pay more attention to the quality and conformity of the products and services according to the set guidelines to bequeath equity in the market. The system is more concerned with fixing the issue with the products and service non-conformity and quality system problems. For the Six Sigma, more emphasis is laid on measuring the quality of the products and working on process improvement design to reduce the overall costs. All these processes, however, are management-led, data-based, process focused and aims at portion the organization improve doing and in crease customer satisfaction. The level of emphasis and how these processes of operations are carried out causes variation within an organization such as the quality of the processes policies instituted, and the review of these policies. TecSmart Electronics dwell on quality, service and to meet the customers expectations which in turn help the organization grow. The management of the company followed some of the quality and performance excellence models which help it maintain a clear focus. One of the quality and performance models the company has focused on is the Demings 14 points. Some of the plans instituted acknowledge framing company policies such as an emphasis on quality and services. Imparting skills to the employees and dissemination of the information information gathering for quality control compendium of the obtained data to assess the areas where to rectify standardization of the products and services quality assurance of the entire processes and having future plans about the organization.

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