Thursday, July 25, 2019

Implementing Change for JLL company Research Paper

Implementing Change for JLL company - Research Paper Example e a hard time to the individuals, as they have to cut down their needs and compromise even the basic needs of their life in order to sustain in the long run. The personal savings came down remarkably which affected every household. The lucrative real estate sector worldwide encountered a drastic change in its profit amount as the demand for the housing and apartments decreased drastically. As a result, the worldwide real estate sector has to encounter drastic decrease in income and demand (Mathiassen and Nielsen, 2000; West, 2005). JLL is one the biggest real estate company in the world; along with real estate business the company also engages in providing financial services to its customers. In order to expand its territory and business, the company has engaged in several merger and acquisition activities. The need for merger and acquisition has resulted from the urge to penetrate and consolidate the greater part of the real estate business. Hence, it has competed about 35 mergers and acquisition activities, which have provided them with both inorganic and organic growth. It is known that a company can attain organic and inorganic growth only by making partners and undertaking merger and acquisition of the resources. The company aims at providing it services to three main geographic locations in the world: Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific. The company has expended its territory by spreading business worldwide and setting corporate offices to support its operations. However, after the financial crisis the company has lost its constant investment opportunities by individuals all over the world (Belt, 2004). Along with that it has also lost the common base of customers with the emergence of Ukraine- Russia conflict. This added flame to the disastrous situation and the revenue and profit of the company decreased to a great extent. The fall in demand for residential as well as commercial buildings have affected the company finance

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