Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Joy Luck Club Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Joy Luck Club - Research Paper Example According to him, the ‘matrilineal’ connection between the mother and daughter has not only been portrayed through the stories, but the direction of photography and the visuals scenes are very well organized. Each of the stories have been interlinked very beautifully which makes this movie all the more popular among the viewers. The director chose the actors very carefully because they needed to play the roles and get into the shoes of the characters in order to play their part properly (Li). The second article was published by John Mullan, who described the narration of the movie in a very interesting way and how the mothers played the most important role in the movie. According to Mullan, the story has been divided into two parts. The first and the last parts are essentially the stories of the four mothers and how they met each other frequently over a card game. The second and third parts in the film depict the lives of the daughters and how they describe their ‘silently soup eating father’ who watch the game of their mothers. Interestingly, the movie has concentrated upon the lives of the women, but no importance has been given to the men of the society (Mullan). The third article was published on a website called Turner Classic Movies (www.tcm.com) where more importance was given in understanding how the movie was prepared with the help of the earlier published book. According to the website, the project was initially rejected, but as the book started becoming popular and was later translated into 23 languages worldwide after being in the NewYork best seller weeks for 75 weeks, there were second thoughts about directing the movie. After the popularity of the movie, the Oscar winning director, Ronald Bass also helped Wayne Wang (director) and Amy Tan (author) in writing the screenplay of the movie (Passafiume). The last article in this research study is more like a movie review of the

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