Sunday, August 4, 2019

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A prokaryote is a basic unicellular cell typically chracterized by having no defined nucleus. Examples of prokaryotes are typically given as orgamins that belong to the Bacteria and Archaea domains (Campbell 13). Furthermore, prokaryotes are very similar to eukaryotes except for the fact that they don't have a nucleous but a nucleoid and that prokaryotes are smaller than eukaryotes (Campbell 98). By the definition of a prokaryote and process of elimination it is easy to find the correct answer which is D. A)Is incorrect because all cells require ribosomes (Module 14, slide 4) . Ribosomes are important since they make proteins which are part of the basic building blocks of life (Campbell 102). B) The plasma membrane on the outside of the cell is required since it separates the innards from the ouside (Module 14, slide 4). They are can perform this fuction since they are made of a lipid bilayer with hydophilic and hydrophobic parts to keep the inside of the cell prrotected from the outside environment (Campbell 99). C) The photo of prokaryotes on slide 6 of module 14 shows that it ...

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