Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Final Strategic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Final Strategic Plan - Essay Example Also, the strategy designed by the firm should be highly compatible to provide the needed push to the organization so that it can gain leverage out of the potential business opportunities existing in the market, while using the firm’s existing strengths and resources. In the current times, the trend is to design strategic objectives which are SMART in nature. To be more specific, SMART framework stands for factors like specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (Frey & Osterloh, 2002, p. 234). In this particular case, it needs to be identified that the existing opportunities of Super Fit Gym are the factors of potential growth of the population in the upcoming days as well as the highly convenient pricing of the firms’ services. Hence, the following strategies can be designed: 1. The first strategy will be to continuously engage in the process of marketing so as to create awareness about the Gym’s services. 2. The second strategy will be to engage in recruiting highly experienced and skilled trainers and experts, so as to provide the best gym services to the customers. 3. The third strategy will be to engage in the process of designing a highly attractive promotion package (Verma, 2012, p. 614). 4. The final strategy will be to periodically engage in customer satisfaction survey and introduce necessary changes in the service offerings that are required from time to time. Implementation of the strategies While concentrating on the process of implementation of the strategies, it needs to be stated that the SMART factors need to be implemented to the maximum extent possible. Hence, talking in regard to the first strategy, it can be said that for the purpose of value communication of the services, Super Fit Gym, to the desired target audience, a proper marketing campaign needs to be executed. While engaging in the marketing campaign, the gym should set a time line of around 45 days for execution. The second strategy discusses th e factor of recruiting experts and highly experienced trainers. For this, the Gym can conduct performance based recruitment. This particular move will help Super Fit Gym to acquire high quality human resources who will be acting as the main deliverer of services and who will be highly critical in the developing the brand factor as well as customer satisfaction of the target audience. The third strategy, which talks about promotion, needs to be executed in phase by phase manner. In order to gather members of the target audience in a rapid note, the gym should consider providing price discount on the memberships to the customers who opt for early registrations. These promotion based discounts need to be rolled for a period of two weeks in a time period of every three months. This will help in attracting new customers to the fitness organization. The fourth strategy needs to be conducted for measuring customers’ satisfaction. For measurement of the value of the services, the fit ness organization should be conducting satisfaction surveys after the end of every two months from the firm’s existing customers. Actions to address ethical, legal, and regulatory issues Since Super Fit Gym provides service based offerings to the customers, the values and services provided are

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