Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Is Employer Monitoring of Employee Social Media Justified Essay

Is Employer Monitoring of Employee Social Media Justified - Essay Example and Donna, managers have the liberty to use information from the social media to monitor employees’ social network sites to guard themselves for the possibility of being sued of negligent hiring, and the retention laws suit that may be filed against their companies. Never the less, such information must be weighed against the expectations of the privacy by the person posting the information. Of importance to note is that, social networking has become the dominant online behavior. Many users have developed their own web pages where most of the information that is not found on the resume can be found there. In return the companies go into the web pages to seek for more information. Managers have used these web pages to make decision on whether or not to hire job candidates (Elzweig, 2009). Never the less, the right to privacy is highly determined by the settings of the account and the information that is provided by the site regarding privacy conditions. Hence, there is need for reading and understanding the terms and conditions that are given by various web pages in regard to privacy for every individual (Elzweig, 2009). However, the use of social media has limits, which have been considered by most of the companies that have put in measures that safeguard the privacy of the employees in honor of sound practice and ongoing communication. In essence, Widger and other Human Resource managers at companies that entails mature privacy programs have continually put emphasis on the importance of privacy policy , a component that contribute to effective privacy management. This ensures that policy management that has broad level actions makes policies meaningful to employees through employee education. Hence, the importance of managing privacy policies and real world scenarios related to privacy during work force communication and orientation (Wigner, 2010). According to Widger, lack of private policy and its mismanagement can lead to severe consequences such

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