Monday, August 26, 2019

M2A1 - Q3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

M2A1 - Q3 - Essay Example In the case of inflation, an organization can undergo a huge loss since the manufacturing cost will be affected. In the same case, the government issues out regulatory restriction against a certain product. If the government burns a trade of a certain product, it means that the organization will have to dispose of and undergo loss. Regional conflict also will affect the market status in that; individual will not be willing to shop from a certain communities businesses (Newton, 2011). Organization culture affects the progress of the company. Organization whose employees work under different culture collapses latter. In order to manage culture, a leader must make the culture a priority. This can be achieved by uniting, refocusing and regrouping the workers to have a team and winning environment. The leader should also change the negative energy to a positive one. This can be done by utilizing the challenges at hand and complains to generate new ideas, path of success and innovation (Newton, 2011). The leaders should also meet with the company and share the vision and fiscal status to ensure that everything is handled before it becomes a challenge. Leaders should share a positive vision to employees and ensure that each person in the organization understands and rally around a vision. This will ensure employee motivation since they will fell as if they are attached and also are part of the company and be motivated to work and achieve the visions (Gordon, 2014). In conclusion, the continuity and progress of the organization is in the hands of the leaders. Leaders should be conversant with the leadership strategies, which can bring about organizational motivations. Despite the variables available, leaders should be able to use the leadership strategies to ensure organization’s progress and

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