Thursday, August 8, 2019

QI Plan IV Implementing and Revising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

QI Plan IV Implementing and Revising - Essay Example To achieve an effective result from the quality improvement, there has to be a well structured plan to govern the process. Structuring of the plan has to involve all stakeholders in a particular health care center from the board of directors to the least patient. The reason as to the inclusion of various stakeholders is to ensure a smooth operation and implementation of the plan characterized with little or no hurdles. Quality improvement may not exist without a well structured board of directors. In fact, board of directors define and set the direction of a particular health care institution. To outline and define proper direction in the implementation and revision of the quality improvement plan, board of directors need to define and establish realistic mission, objectives, goals and visions that need accomplishment (AIHP, 2007). After establishing the mission statements and governing rules, board of directors has to communicate the deliberations and messages to the other staff mem bers and stakeholders in the given health care institution. The board of directors is also responsible for determining and promoting values deemed right and worth of promotion throughout the company. Since plan cannot work without supervision, board of directors also play fundamental role of monitoring achievements and reviewing the goals and policies of the given health care organization. To ensure substantial implementation and revision of the quality improvement plan in health care organization, the board of directors has to determine working options, deliberate on the ones to pursue and provide the required support (Medscape education, 2007). The board of directors also reviews and evaluates future risks and challenges face the organization and set strategies to eliminate such perils. Furthermore, the board of directors of the given health care institution has to delegate authority to the management of the organization to achieve effective and ready internal control in the healt h care organization. As a way of achieving effective quality improvement plan in health care organization, it is the responsibility of the board of directors to ensure proper platform for communication and consideration of the interests of the various stakeholders in the institution. After defining the mission, objectives, visions, and goals of the given health care organization, board of directors passes the remaining implantation plan to the executive management heading the other workers. Being that executive director participates in the meeting of board of directors, the official helps in the planning process of the organization’s goals and missions. According to Bumpress (2012), executive manager plays very crucial part in the implementation process as the particular monitors the progress as well as advising on solutions in case of a problem. Improving quality of health care in a given health care organization requires collaboration with other like minded institutions and resource providers. Executive director satisfy this role by identifying the specific organizations and development partners who can help in quick realization of the plan. The manager also compiles progress reports and hurdles faced in the implementation process and propose systems to avert the overlying challenges. While playing the management roles, executive director

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