Friday, August 23, 2019

Service Learning Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Service Learning Reflection Paper - Essay Example It will also discuss the particular aspects in which I have gained experience from and compare them to how I see myself as someone who is constantly developing as an individual. My state of mind before taking part in this experience was fairly simple and didn't appear too complex at all. I assumed that I would perhaps gain some organizational experience and that was about it. However, I took a lot more away than when I first imagined. Perhaps the most positive aspect that I gained from the experience would be the leadership skills in which I have developed. By assisting in such relatively simple tasks, I was able to use my communication skills with other people, including the children (who most in the entertainment industry will assert are the worst kind of people to work with). However, it all proved to be a fairly enjoyable experience without any problems at all. With the assistance of the school teachers, we were able to work together as a team to selectively organise and seat the children into their respective positions without any aggravation at all. I believe that, during instances such as these, a leader must closely observe the kind of person they are, and only see what they can give to others. In general, that's basically what I consider a leader to be, someone who is assisting someone else in reaching a certain goal whilst undertaking the team work approach at the same time. Most importantly, this is where I was able to determine what kind of character I am, and in the process, strengthening my weaknesses and asserting myself as a leadership tool to others at the same time. Also, the fact that this was un-paid servant work furthermore signifies the most important aspect of learning that I was reaching out to other people by putting them first. Changes Through being a servant leader, I have been able to adapt to new environments a lot quicker and beneficently while at the same time feeling comfortable in what I am doing. As an individual, I see myself as someone who likes to take on new and unknown challenges with a simple goal in mind: to become a better person, a better leader and develop a stronger mind. It was through this term that I was able to gain and develop the necessary tools in which I need to mould myself into this type of person. Although I don't see myself as a perfect individual at all, I do believe that this experience has helped shape and influence the way I think about the world in which I live in. Additionally, with the development of these tools, I am now able to use them in standard situations in my daily life should I ever encounter them. In order to accomplish my future goals, I feel that the servant work I did primarily assisted in my aim to project myself as not only a leader, but as someone who can be looked up to and relied upon in complicated situations. This is particularly where I consider my virtues and apply them to this sort of work. As human beings with our own minds, we constantly change, some people change for the good, and some for the bad. This is where I hope that by excelling in leadership and various

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