Sunday, September 15, 2019

Properties of Gases

Heather Schnicker 26 October 2012 Experiment # 4 (Lab 3) Properties of Gases PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to investigate and identify the chemical properties of the gases tested. DATA Gas| FLAME REACTION| GLOWING SPLINT| LIMEWATER REACTION| BROMOTHYMOL BLUE REACTION| Hydrogen| NO REACTION| Â  | Â  | Â  | Oxygen| Â  | BURNED BRIGHTER| Â  | Â  | Hydrogen & Oxygen| QUICK FLAME BURST| Â  | Â  | Â  | Carbon Dioxide| Â  | PUT THE FIRE OUT| NO REACTION| TURNED YELLOW| Alka Seltzer| Â  | Â  | BUBBLED| Â  | Breath| Â  | Â  | HUGE BUBBLES| Â  | CONCLUSIONBased off this experiment it made me realize that the reactions are much more different when comparing an acidic or basic solution. By doing these experiments at home also proves a point in that knowing what type of reaction to expect is a must. QUESTIONS A. Give two reasons why we fill the gas generator test tubes almost to the top with chemicals. * To get as much gas as possible without any air * Some of the chemicals could react with the oxygen that is filling up the rest of the test tube B. What happens to the zinc in the hydrogen generation experiment? * It dissolvesC. What happens to the manganese in the oxygen generation experiment? * The manganese acted as a catalyst D. Write a balanced equation for the reaction between 02 and H2? -H2 + H2 +02= 2H20 E. What is the function/purpose of the bromothymol blue in the C02 experiment? -To show how acidic solutions react differently than basic solutions E. Bromothymol blue is blue in the presence of basic solutions, and yellow in the presence of acidic solutions. If your solution is a murky green, what might you assume about a solution? -It is a mixture of acidic and basic solutions

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