Friday, October 18, 2019

Economic development Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Economic development - Coursework Example This reading focuses on the economic development in Africa through agricultural activities. This considers the use of proven agricultural techniques in order to increase the yields for food security purposes. The common challenges faced by African farmers entail soil exhaustion, water insufficiency and distorted economics caused undeveloped infrastructures. This implies that the poor soil fertility hinders the growth of some crops. This is because the local farmers engage in over farming and insufficient crop rotation. The existence of poor infrastructures contributes to high production costs because the farmer cannot access fertilizers and other inputs. Similarly, constant water scarcity due to periodic drought spells also affect Africa’s agricultural sector. This reading discusses the population explosion in developing nations, regardless of the favorable conditions. The author explores the population growth rate of Kenya in which it emerges that adults are free to give birth to any number of children. The people do not care about the availability of health care facilities, food or other aspects. The population explosion concept threatens humanity due to scramble for space, resources and economic activities. The Maragoli documentary depicts the struggles of women across the world since they cannot control birth rates. The underlining aspect of the documentary is that, in reality, population increases, but the amenities remain the same. The focus of this reading is the developmental challenge of political and criminal violence. It tackles the negative influences of the two aspects, such as destruction of property, death, displacement of people and economic stagnation among others. For instance, children brought up in hostile environments suffer from malnourishments and illiteracy. The millennium development goal (MDG) project has been unable to achieve its objectives of uplifting the living standards in

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