Monday, October 7, 2019

Hr proposal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hr proposal - Research Paper Example However, this dictatorial leadership style is not suitable for an organization that needs to enhance its capabilities and reach. For growth to take place, it is important for the leadership to not simply be about control, but understand the need to allow for other members of the organization to be as responsible for the achievement of goals as the management. A centric leadership structure can take away the culture of innovation and expression from an organization resulting in significant labour turnover as well as loss of productivity, due to dissatisfaction among the workforce. The key obstacle to any change in leadership comes from the top management itself. This is due to the control factor that has been exercised by these members that a change to the structure is regarded as a loss for the company. Leaders seldom wish to forego power that allows them to hold the ultimate control in the position they hold. The factor that is missing from the perception is that leaders are primarily the visionaries of organizations, and must leave the management to the other members of the organizations. Similarly, managers must pass along responsibilities in the labour line so as to increase the sense of belonging among the workforce, by harbouring a feeling of achievement in the overall workings of the organization. In order to manage and support the change, a collaborative approach must be undertaken by the management. This signifies an increase in involvement of all employees in the structuring of processes and procedures by the management, as well as allowing for a greater degree of understanding to be created regarding the vision and objectives of the organization. By understanding the needs of the employees, and bringing an open platform of communication, the management will be able to manage the change in culture that is to be established, while also creating a medium for the resolution of any conflict

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