Thursday, October 17, 2019

HR Strategy for DeVry, Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HR Strategy for DeVry, Inc - Essay Example Wal Mart is a typical US success story. Founded in 1962 as the vision of a single man, Sam Walton, the super stores today symbolize American entrepreneurship. Wal Mart has consistently been regarded as one of the best Fortune 500 companies in the United States over the years. This has been feasible because of the unflinching commitment of the management to the customer and its focus on people including its employees denoted as associates. Wal Mart is a global company with more than 1.3 million associates, 5000 stores and wholesale clubs in over 15 countries. It is the most admired retailer and generated over $ 256 billion in global revenue with an increase in $ 26 billion in sales in 2004. The company has consistently delivered high levels of growth and benefits to customers as well as share holders. On the basis of its overall vision and culture, Wal Mart has based its personnel selection, development and growth strategies on the principles of transparency, equality of opportunity, diversity and effective use of automation. Growth is attained by providing personnel opportunities for aptitude and career alignment, training and continuous objective feed back. This achieves loyalty, affiliation and continuity for the company. The policy of diversity enables effective alignment of the associate with the customer base which is derived from all communities. The detailed nuances of the personnel development policies of Wal Mart in relation to the above facets are being covered herein:- (a) Non Discrimination in Selection. The company follows non discriminatory policy of hiring and selection of its Associates which is the first tier of employees. Wal Mart's HR Strategy comprises of development of effective processes for all its systems such as hiring, selection and so on.

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