Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Chemistry of Photography essays

The Chemistry of Photography essays Joseph-Nicephore Niepce took he words first photographs in 1824. Many people dont know that he was the person who invented photography; they think that a Frenchman named Daguerre was the inventor but he got the idea from Niepce. Jacqueline Belloni, a chemist at the University of Paris-South at Orsay, is doing research on holes in halide ions. The problem with holes is that they gobble up light-generated electrons. Belloni reasoned that the solution was to dope the film. The dopant would be a negatively charged ion, like halide, so it could substitute for halide in the crystal lattice. Instead of needing ten photons a crystal doped with formate does the job with two. A benefit to consumers will be that it will make high-speed film less grainy and better quality. Rene De Keyzer, a chemist at Agfa-Geveart helps fund Bellonis research, predicts Agfe will have doped films on the market within four years. Film emulsions today are a million times better at capturing photons but th ey still have a long way to go. ~$10 single use camera has 10 times better resolution than todays $1000 digital camera. ~There are 10 billion crystals in a frame of ordinary film. ~The first camera invented was a cubical wooden box about a foot on a side and the film was a tin or stone plate coated in asphalt. I think this article was interesting I never realized how complicated it is to develop a photograph. I think it would be incredible to be able to see one of the first photos Niepce ever made. ...

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