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Compare and Contrast of Surrealism and Expressionism

Comparison/ Contrast of Surrealism and Expressionism By Fidencio Davalos, ART 110: Art Appreciation Surrealism Surrealism is a period in art history when artists created dreamlike paintings filled with mysterious objects or familiar objects that have been oddly changed in ways that one would not see in reality (Kleiner, F., 2000). It is a style of art, where objects are realistically painted. The art looks real with light shadows, and details, but the way they are arranged or the way their shape is altered makes them look dreamlike, and therefore, beyond real (Kleiner, F., 2000). Roots of Surrealism The Surrealist movement started in France in the 1920’s. According to my research, its roots were found in Dada, but†¦show more content†¦Veristic Surrealists also believed that the language of the subconscious world was in the form of image (Kleiner, F., 2000). While their work may look similar, Automatists only see art where Veristic Surrealists see meaning. Surrealism drew elements from Cubism and Expressionism, and used some of the same techniques from the Dada movement (Kleiner, F., 2000). Nonetheless there were certain techniques and devices that were characteristic to Surrealist art. Some devices including levitation, changing an object’s scale, transparency, and repetition are used to create a â€Å"typical† surrealist look (Balakian, A., 1986). A very common Surrealist technique is the association of objects that would typically not be together in a certain situation or together at all. This has been described as â€Å"beautiful as the en counter of an umbrella and a sewing-machine on a dissecting table† (Balakian, A., 1986). Characteristics of surrealism Many surrealist artists painted very realistically but had one displaced object that changed the painting entirely. Another technique called â€Å"objective chance,† used images found in nature that could not be created by an artist. Stencils and rubbings were used to utilize these images (Kleiner, F., 2000). An additional characteristic of Surrealist art is the fact that many pieces have very obvious or simple titles stating the subject matter simply, (Kleiner, F., 2000). These techniques are typical of mostShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Rafael Soriano And Francis Bacon1219 Words   |  5 Pagesthe art world for half of the 20th century. Rafael Soriano was considered an abstract painter based in Cuba and America. His late series struggled ? with surrealism and abstraction. Soriano’s late artworks are very different from his early pieces, abstract paintings with colorful geometric shapes what were his other works like ? compare and contrast. He used a lot of primary colors in the 50s and the 60s: red, blue, yellow†¦etc.Paintings at the time were energetic and dynamic. Soon after this periodRead MoreFrida Kahlo and Joy Hester Essays1733 Words   |  7 Pagescelebrated in Australian exhibitions. Hester and Kahlo both attended art schools through the 1920s and 30s; because of this they share many of the same basic artistic influences. Surrealism played a big part in the development of their art, especially in Kahlos works that are often associated with surrealism. Expressionism was another influence they shared but it played less of a role in their art as it only began development in the 1950s. Both of these movements and those preceding them were maleRead MoreI Will Explore The Painting Wo Ist Ein Zigarrengeschaft By Jean Phillipe Dallaire1747 Words   |  7 Pagesdrafting, and the likeness of children s art.   During this employment his â€Å"works showed multiple stylistic avenues, and are considered for their draftsmanship, and spontaneity in subject and use of colour, he was inspired by mythological figures, surrealism, synthetic cubism and art brut †(National Gallery of Canada[APA],n.d).   While there appears he had many influences, those gained through hi s studies and life after his training - he left paris in the 1940’s - would undoubtedly influence his followingRead MoreThe Art Techniques And Styles2643 Words   |  11 PagesCompare contrast essay The two artists I have chosen to compare and contrast have recently exhibited work at the tate modern they are Antony Gormley s untitled piece he predominantly uses additive sculpture as his preferred medium and Anish Kapoor`s Ishi’s Light he uses additive sculpture as well to create work. Anish Kapoor produces art in a very personal way through abstract expressionism. This is shown through the representation of his emotion within his art but done in such as a way as toRead MoreComparing The Historical And Intellectual Circumstances Surrounding The Writing Of Two3390 Words   |  14 PagesCompare the historical and intellectual circumstances surrounding the writing of two formally contrasting plays, commenting on their impact upon each play’s purpose and reception. (Choose one realist and one non-realist play from the list of set texts) A defining act, speech or movement can make history. When someone goes against the norm and convention is thrown aside, defining work is immediately recognised. History is made up of good and bad, the moral and immoral, but all encompass one anotherRead MoreChapter 33 – Early 20th Century5648 Words   |  23 Pages | ____ 38. ...I believe in the future resolution of the states of dream and reality, in appearance so contradictory, in a sort of absolute reality, or surreality. This definition of Surrealism was written by __________. |a. |Guillaume Apollinaire | |b. |Friedrich Nietzsche Read MoreHumanities11870 Words   |  48 Pagespigments mixed with linseed oil vehicle and turpentine medium or thinner. ↠ Acrylic is a mixture of pigment and a vehicle that can be thinned with water. PAINTING STYLES ↠ Abstract same with calligraphy is a form of non-figurative art. ↠ Expressionism is an art derived from Cubism which is a development of decorative, individualistic, and personal expressiveness. ↠ Baroque originated from the Italian word â€Å"barucco† which is a philosophical term meaning â€Å"opposing† or â€Å"contradicting.†

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