Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case - Assignment Examplestill lacks strong brands, there is high completion, there is lack of strong distribution link, barrier to gate is still low, and price per kilo of butter has dropped from 405 in 1998 to 205 in 2000 (Vgtlin 5).In spite of the current challenges facing development and survival of Russian ice-cream industry, there be evidences of its future prosperity. In order to become more structurally active, this market will likely to increase barriers to entry. This will make raw materials for butter readily available for manufactures at cheaper costs. This will also create and capture more value (Vgtlin 7). Additionally, this market will create a strong brand indistinguishability and increase marketing of products. The number of companies will also be reduced to minimize competition. This will be achieved through buying of smaller players.I commend that Ice-Filli should adopt and put through a buyout strategy. This is because this company still has a number of weakn esses in improving its managerial and capital resources, which are required to create and implement the existing strategies. I feel this company will be more secure, in the future, if it is managed by an presentment group or another company, which can invest the knowledge and capital required to thrive and

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