Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Intellectual property Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Intellectual property - Essay ExampleThe mentioned sections will attempt to elaborate the legal ground that all businesses in the county have concerning their innovations and creativity that involves business ideologies.The preparation of this report gives a solution to Mr. William Lowie, referred to as Mr. L concerning ownership rights for one of his products in the UK market. The report is also in correspondence with the requisitions of the Supervising Solicitor, Hannah Littlemore. The client, Mr. L is the proprietor of a company called WL Ltd based in Weyford. Mr. L, a British citizen set the company up ab out phoebe bird years ago he owns 95 percent of the shares, and his wife the other 5%. Both Mr. L and his wife are full-time employees of WL Limited. The firm specializes in designing and manufacturing quality products for DIYers. The company is small, but thriving, and has grown substantially in terms of turnover and profit over the last few years.Mr. L knowing on of his best -selling products called the Lowie Handibelt. The product is a leather belt with holes and pockets for tools, and with a useful attachment that allows a drill to be used without getting it out of the belt. The Handibelt is made by skilled employees in WL Ltd.s workshops and went on sale about 18 months ago. WL Ltd sells mainly by mail order and through unaffiliated DIY shops in the UK. Sales of the Handibelt have been good and have increased steadily since its launch. The product got a particular boost four months ago when it won an gift for Best New DIY Product. About a week ago, Mr. L mystifyd an e-mail from a friend, Joe Pennington, congratulating him on WL Ltd.s deal with Whitesfield Plc. that had apparently allowed the Handibelt to go into draw production and to be sold in major DIY chains. Mr. L was puzzled, as he has no deal with Whitesfield, and had never had any contact with them. He has, however, started to receive letters from people claiming to have bought a Handibel t been disappointed by its low quality.

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