Thursday, September 12, 2019

Business Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Management - Research Paper Example The Spain team has the responsibility of expanding the firm’s product into the Latin America and Eastern European marketplaces. The team should take over the marketing function of the company. The Finland team has existing relationship with many European carriers. The Finnish deal included the acquisition of a product line of games. The Finland team should take over the function of supply chain and logistics. 2. Digital Chocolate is a major player in the gaming industry. The exact market share of the company is not provided by the case study, but it is stated that the 10 largest gaming companies (which includes Digital Chocolate) hold 70% of the market share in the gaming industry which is valued at $34 billion. Overall my assessment is that the company has done a good job penetrating the marketplace and is doing well financially. The firm was able to establish deals with 200 phone carriers. The arrival of the iPhone and the subsequent Apple Application store helped Digital Ch ocolate establish a greater presence in the mobile gaming sector. The company was able to obtain 10 million downloads of its titles within the first 100 days of the Apple App store launch. In 2009 Digital Chocolate ranked first among Quality Index.

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