Monday, September 23, 2019

Concept analys Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Concept analys - Assignment Example They are proven to have logical connections, physical connections and causal relations (Sassen, 2000, p. 240). Concepts must provide explanations to certain phenomena or events using intuitive thinking which may provide a better understanding using reasons, symbols and cause-and-effect. In addition, concepts have been created by people to represent things to provide meanings to them so that people may get explanations leading to understanding (Novacek and Smrz, 2006, p. 70). In short, concepts do not need to be physically tested as they can be products of intuitive thinking. Concepts are developed when certain phenomena exist with little or no explanations (Dashiff, 2010). People look for the explanations for the events that happen around them so they can better act and solve if ever problems exist. New concepts may also be formed when the established concepts are already out-of-date which require ground-breaking explanations to adapt to the current state of the phenomena (Dashiff, 2010). Change has been constant and some concepts may not be able to adjust to the environment and development so new concepts must be created. Concepts may also come out when there are gaps between practice and research (Dashiff, 2010). Research has been present to provide evidences and support to improve the practice of certain professions. In nursing, it has been necessary to have concept analysis to provide further development for the practice of that profession. Concepts provide the framework for nurses and nursing students to understand certain phenomena in their profession by providing meaning and connections with abstract ideas (Fitzpatrick and Kazer, 2012). For concept analysis to be successful, various traditional approaches have been developed. Concept analysis started with the approach created by Wilson which is composed of 11 steps (Meleis, 2012, p. 372). The steps must come to conclusion in choosing the words that best fit the meaning and concept applied

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