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GOP Debates on 09.07.2011 and 10.18.2011 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

GOP Debates on 09.07.2011 and 10.18.2011 - Essay Example It was clear that the debate would be aggressive as Romney and Perry exchanged blows. Both candidates continuously challenged each other with allegations one every given opportunity. The debate was undoubtedly crucial as the economy has been lagging and Obama’s popularity has been diminishing. Throughout the debate, it seemed that Perry was confident and poise even with criticism that were alleged against him. His illustration of running a country with the same policies as Bush and Regan made him formidable against his opponents. Perry came out aggressive, attacking Romney often and early as he tried to gain leverage with the voters. Moreover, he continued to avoid the accusations that were made to him. It seemed as he did not finish strong at all, but did able to leave his impression. Perry and Romney’s clash was the focal point as Romney attempted to mimick the same strategies as McCain and Dole. It was evident that Romney wanted to gain leverage but failed to do so. After dodging the accusations from Paul, Romney counterattacked. Romney seemed to look defensive in his stand. It seems as if Perry will dynamically modify the GOP race. While Perry and Romney dominated the packed, Gingrich and Paul did make some impact. Gingrich seemed to be confident at times with his plan to increase employment but failed to gain any momentum as he was too focused on attacking the media. Similarly, Ron Paul offered a strong defensive stand against libertarianism, but failed to expand his argument as he continued to emphasize non-trivial matters such as vaccines for HPV, eliminating TSA agents and FMA. Furthermore, it seemed that Paul promised too much financial stability that seemed too good to be true at this point. It seemed as if Paul and Herman Cain were on the same playing field. Herman Cain good off to a good start as he insisted on reducing taxes but was shot down of the sexual allegations that continued to diminish his reputation. Rick Santorum and Jon Hu ntsman, both failed to solidify foundation. Rick Santorum was passionate but kept deterring from main issues as he kept using big words that were not comprehended by the public. Santorum failed to gain any ground like Cain, who was already having a hard time feuding against accusations that were made against him. Jon Huntsman, another Republican nominee, was clearly out of sync as he failed to build his repertoire in any manner. His futile attempts to build his reputation as a diplomat seemed to be quite interesting. The only female of the Republican party, Michele Bachmann, seemed to be a very interesting yet fanatic character as she proposed a universal $2.00 per gas gallon. Overall, the essence of this Republican debate symbolized the critical events for the upcoming elections. THE GOP DEBATE ON OCT 18th The GOP debate on October 18th was another testy affair as candidates continued to spar with each other on critical issues such as foreign policy, immigration, and tax plans. It seemed to be so feisty that New Gingrich, the Republican candidate, took a huge shot at Obama as he remarked, â€Å"Unlike President Obama, I’m glad to be in Las Vegas. It’s a great place to have a convention.† Similarly, Rick Perry did not wait for his chance to take shots at Herman Cain, criticizing him of his 9-9-9 plan as he stated, â€Å"

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